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The Founder Magazine: How Washington Mageto Has Managed To Set Up A Successful Tech Company In Kenya

Washington is a dedicated and hardworking Kenyan entrepreneur in his mid-20s. After many trials and challenges, he finally managed to set up MAG-TECH INC, a tech company based in Nairobi.

His company deals in corporate website development and maintenance, network security and installation, CCTV camera installation, high end data recovery, computer supply and safety etc.

How exactly did he do it?

Raising capital

He says, “Most of the capital used to set up my business was from my own personal savings. Had to minimize spending and avoid spending on unnecessary luxury in order to save the money for the business. I also got financial help from my family and friends. It was not easy but finally I managed to set up the business and buy basic equipment for the company.”

Currently the company is run from the profits generated from goods and services sold by the company.

  1. Accessibility and marketing

The company is located in Nairobi where it can easily be accessed by everyone throughout the city.

Mageto markets his company through social media platforms and via family and friends. “Most of our new clients were referred to our company by our former clients due to high quality services that the company offers.” He says. This is why every entrepreneur should always ensure his/her company offers the best goods and services to its customers.

  1. Challenges

“We have had our own share of challenges setting up the company. First, raising capital to start the business was not easy, I had to struggle and make immense sacrifices in order to get the business up and running.” He says. “I also faced a lot of discouragement from my peers and people around me who always thought my business was unrealistic.”

In the end, the outcome is worth all the sacrifices he had to make!

Now this:  Washington Mageto, the founder of Mag-Tech Inc. A Digital Security Company in Kenya

Currently, the major challenge he faces is being seen as being too young to get the job done young by some clients. Such customers tend to turn down young entrepreneurs in preference to senior entrepreneurs.

Kenyans should change this kind of mentality and start appreciating young entrepreneurs.

Credits: https://thefounder.co.ke/how-washington-mageto-has-managed-to-set-up-a-successful-tech-company-in-kenya/

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