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Washington Mageto, the founder of Mag-Tech Inc. A Digital Security Company in Kenya

“One of my greatest challenges starting out and I believe every entrepreneur faces this is people not believing in my idea. Some especially friends saw it as a joke and a misdirected risk yet I knew the purpose my simple idea then would serve “says C.E.O/Founder Mag-Tech Inc. Washington Mageto. A very calm, charismatic young lad speaks about his idea that now has turned him into a respected business man always keeping his word.

An idea is worth billions not until it is done because if at all an idea is not worked on it is worth nothing since all it remains is an idea. I had the privilege to sit down with Washington Mageto the founder of Mag-Tech Inc. a Digital Security Company that deals with: home automation, surveillance, access control, cyber security, digital forensics, web and web security, software development just to mention a few.

Mageto had an idea that would see provision of security in a more immediate way than what the government was offering that’s why he ventured into the security business as a private player. He is and still remains ambitious with his business as he tells me that he has a plan for his business that will see him involve in Medical & Fire Response.

He is a Computer Science Major at Daystar University with a specific interest in Artificial Intelligence for Security; something that he says complements his business since he gets a chance to practice what he learns in class with the business. His education correlates with his business and that is something he talks of on a light note.

It was not all rosy for him starting out though just as any other entrepreneur, he faced numerous challenges ranging from funds and support to actualize his dream. He tells me he used to save a few shillings to aid him in his transport as he went out to source for funds and proper investors in his idea. He initially had taken up to friends whom saw the venture as a big risk one they couldn’t take and some who did not understand his concept and saw it as a joke.

But all was not lost he sat down wrote a business proposal, went on to design a logo and create company colors and even at one point he approached the local area MP then to outsource funding his business who told him to finish his studies of which he giggles since he already had an ultimate objective to run his business. He is a risk taker and doesn’t believe in giving up.

Later on with the aid of a lawyer whom they sat down and created the Memorandum of Association the business began to take shape. In 2011, Mag-Tech Inc. shared an office with another company before later on moving to register itself late 2012, but it was not until 2014 when they registered officially as a Limited Liability Company. This saw the commencement of the business with a great clientele ranging from schools, parastatals, homes, real estates, institutions to work with.

Currently, the company has a B.O.D composed mainly of people who believed and had much respect for such an elusive idea. Mag-Tech Inc. Board of Governors includes: Dr. Donald Smith-Founder Daystar

University, Rev. Francis Awando-Masters In Business Administration, Miss Asunta Beatrice- Company lawyer and Moses Oduor-Company Management Team. Mageto’s company has been on the move and has worked with Adra Somalia whom they did for system development and as we speak he has gotten mail from 25 Studios whom they are going to initialize business to do new software updates as regards to security.

Besides being a C.E.O of his own company at personal level Washington Mageto is a Software and Web Developer. He has done a few soft wares so far that include: Team Viewer-Kenyan Version, Graphical Children database with the All Saints Cathedral and I-Fun Vue (a game) which he has finished developing and is set to be launched soon. The future is bright he says with a smile. He has also done websites for: The Signature Journal, Mag-Tech Inc., Daystar Christian Fellowship, Catholic University Of East Africa, Former Daystar University Students Association website and is currently in talks with Lukenya Pillars Of Transformation and the All Saints Cathedral Church to do the same.

Washington acknowledges a lot of success with his business but doesn’t hesitate to state he has faced challenges. His business almost hit a rock because for one he did not know how to frame his idea and also depending on the presentation of his business he got mixed reactions from clients, some did not want to pay upfront in as much as some did agree. But he conquered all this and is still on the verge of making his business more successful with a net-worth range (0.5Million Kshs-0.9Million Kshs); the sky is only but the beginning.

He advises start-ups and entrepreneurs out there to:

  • [Tweet “Clinch on your ideas as gold”]
  • Utilize people who support your ideas/start-ups since it is hard to find such people
  • Allocation of shares shouldn’t be done on start-ups
  • Have an advisory team of people who keep your book of accounts.

It is also crucial to document your idea, [Tweet “write down your vision and idea since you’ll need it as your business progresses”]. We finish the conversation as he encourages me and all entrepreneurs out there seeking to start a business that [Tweet “….NEVER GIVE UP”].

To get in touch with Mag-Tech Inc:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/magtechi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Magtechinc/?fref=ts

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mag-tech-inc-8b82b8114?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTDMegAU1AcdkYv1vFJc9mg

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/2/115815769848081416883/posts

They have an official Website: www.magtechinc.co.ke

Enlisted on Centum: https://www.f6s.com/mag-techinc/connections

Offices in Hurlingham.

Keep it Thefounder seeking to help you start your business. Remember, [Tweet “…it begins with an idea”]

By Joel Omullo

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