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Survival was our thing. My first roommate Taban Lado, a South Sudanese, had lots of experience to share as we agonise njaa in that room. Deepest parts of SCHU, Mavoko.

These continued for a very long time to the point it made me rethink. Have you ever been pushed to the limit to the point you find solutions like stealing from a backdated ATM machines using candle wax cards. I’m telling you. Poverty and knowledge don’t stay in one room.

So I formed this unregistered business called galaxy tech doctors, with Clinton Momanyi, whose main objective was to find the cool kids of Mavoko having laptop issues and fixing them. I used to charge 1500 for that. Kidogo money I’d buy my then girlfriend something kidogo then use the rest to survive for like a month. These Guys never had a lot of laptop problems. They’d spoil and get a replacement nikama vindeo (a silly saying that has no meaning). Rich people ?

This pushed me harder to try get more jobs. I had become a software developer soliciting jobs on websites. By then my esteem had risen for me to form MAG-TECH INC after a lot of discouragements. At first the name had been reserved close to 6 months. While waiting, I decided to form ITIPS which intern supported the vision I had for MAG-TECH INC and supplied for my needs.

Wait, I did not mention I finally got sponsors. Haiya let’s go back. So this church sees how I’m doing and they are like, “this semester we’ll only pay for your tuition fees then you’ll figure out how to continue”. They paid for that, then the other and another till fourth year first semester then stopped. But that far I had seen God’s hands.

At this point I was like, I’ll never struggle. Enough was enough. I packed my stuffs and took a break. I have the wisdom of Christ in me, furthermore I live by Gal 2:20.

So I start life hapa nje, like they say. With the main company established. I started operating, way and above what we’d do while in Daystar. Pushing beyond my borders.

There is more than what I’d type here to try explain my journey. From loosing my older sister and last born brother, to heart breaks, being dumped et al. In all these, Christ stood in with me.

Focus on the mark of the high calling. Keep pressing on, believe. Envision. Dream it. Write it down and achieve it.

That’s all I’d like to encourage you with.

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